ERP Integration

ERP Integration

Optimise Your Existing IT Investments

PROACTIS is routinely integrated with standard ERP or financial systems. As such we offer proven, fully vendor-supported and maintained integration that is parameter and user configurable for commonly used systems.

  • Quick and easy integration with any ERP or financial system
  • Reduced cost and risk

The PROACTIS integration model is extended on an ongoing basis, with a library of new plug-in connectors as the market advances. We also provide a toolbox to extend integration kits to non-standard applications and home grown systems.

Spend Control and Procurement aspects of ERP or financial software packages are mostly lacking the depth provided by those delivered by best-in-class, specialists in procurement. To exploit these best-of-breed systems to their full potential, integration to back-end ERP or Finance is needed.

Integration needs to be well thought through and robust, providing seamless business processes whilst avoiding complex systems management. The approach must address issues such as, the need to:

  • Maintain base data such as account codes and suppliers in one place without duplicate entry
  • Ensure the new application will conform to existing data such as the company's chart of accounts
  • Dynamically access certain data, such as account balances, as part of processing transactions
  • Upgrade individual applications at different times without undue impact on the integration
  • Protect and fully leverage investments in existing systems

The PROACTIS approach and technologies address these issues.

PROACTIS solutions are all designed to be agnostic to surrounding systems, whether they are packaged or in-house developed applications. PROACTIS provides clearly defined integration points and tools that make it easy to integrate PROACTIS with just about any application.

In addition, PROACTIS offers standard integration adapters to deliver out-of-the-box integration with popular ERP and financial software packages. These adapters are designed to get organisations up and running rapidly, featuring:

  • Data synchronisation to utilise information from other systems (e.g. suppliers, budgets etc.) while retaining the original point of entry and maintenance
  • Interactive lookup and validation of certain key information, such as GL account code building and budget/fund checking
  • Transaction capture, allowing events initiated outside PROACTIS to be incorporated into the appropriate workflow phase such as purchase requests, orders and invoices
  • Wizard-based integration setup makes it easy to tailor the link between PROACTIS and other business systems with minimal technical skills
  • Standards such as SQL, XML, cXML, BASDA-eBiz, and Web Services are utilised throughout PROACTIS
  • Architecture supports Service Orientated Architectures (SOA)

To learn more about PROACTIS ERP integration solutions, contact us today.

PROACTIS solutions offer quick and easy integration with any ERP or financial system, providing seamless business process and reducing cost and risk.

In addition, PROACTIS can easily integrate with procurement processes that may be outside its scope or already in place.

  • PROACTIS software is built upon industry standard Microsoft technologies, being easy and inexpensive to buy and manage
  • Configurable integration tools make integrations simple to own and maintain
  • Out-of-the-box kits for popular ERP solutions further reduce the time to establish seamless business processes
  • The integration methodology delivers forward compatibility, leaving you in control of the adoption approach for new product features or later project phases.

To learn more about PROACTIS ERP integration solutions contact us today.


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