PROACTIS Managed Services 
Let us apply our expertise and technology to fully manage key support functions for you
In addition to industry-leading eProcurement software solutions, PROACTIS offers a growing range of managed services designed to fully execute specific functions that support Procurement, Finance, and IT-related aspects of the Spend Control Process. Our managed services are powered by our own technology and delivered by experienced professionals.

Our Procurement-related managed services include:


Our Finance-related managed services include:

Our IT-related managed services include:

  • Application Hosting & Management
European and North American Service Delivery Centres
Most services are available globally and are supported from one of our two Service Delivery Centres located in Telford, United Kingdom and Phoenix, Arizona. 

Services Focused on You

All of our managed services are focused
on working closely with you to achieve the business
transformation you desire 

Each service is tailored to your specific needs using flexible deployment models and the best mix of people, processes and technology. Each is managed to clear service level agreements (SLAs). We employ proven best practices in our processes and adhere to accepted industry standards for data handling and transfer.  
Each service leverages our relevant
expertise and technology to deliver results to you efficiently,
reliably and cost-effectively

In most cases, we can perform a particular function in less time and at lower cost than you could do it yourself because of our focus and scale – we know how to do it well, we have all the right tools, and we do it every day.       
Only you and your team can perform
the essential core functions of Spend Control

But we stand ready to help make that easier by taking responsibility for important supporting functions so you can focus your attention on what matters most within your organisation. 
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