PROACTIS Tail Spend Management 

Extract savings from the most fragmented 20% of spend
Tail-spend is an area that is often ignored - Or at least not closely managed. Why? Because there are so many suppliers and the idea of tackling them can seem overwhelming. Even organisations that have gained a good level of control over most of their cost structure meet a number of challenges when they look at the tail-end of spend.

PROACTIS Tail Spend Management is a combination of technology and services organised to enable you address both the high number of suppliers and the high volume of invoices associated with that last 20% of spend. 

Why use PROACTIS for your Tail Spend Management?

Our approach is based on a practical step-by-step process:
  • Gain insight into your spend by helping identify and prioritise the opportunities for savings with an early emphasis on "quick-hit" solutions that have the greatest return in the least time
  • Establish purchase controls with a purchase-to-pay (P2P) environment that makes it easy for employees to buy from the preferred suppliers, contracts, and catalogues put in place
  • Increase your capacity for spend under management with source-to-contract (S2C) applications that help Procurement free up time to apply professional procurement processes "further down the tail" of spend
  • Address categories using the best method for each after classifying tail-spend segments by appropriate strategy
  • Automate invoice processing, from matching and troubleshooting to payment authorisation
  • Automate invoice capture using an appropriate technique per supplier based on invoice volume, invoice complexity, and technology capability
Used effectively, PROACTIS Tail Spend Management can become a powerful tool within your procurement strategy.
Benefits to you as a buyer: 
  • Noticeable cost savings
  • Better visibility of spend (that visibility will, in itself, enable even better management)
  • A reduction in maverick and off-contract buying
  • A sizable cut in the number of invoices that need processing
  • A reduction in the time needed to manage suppliers
Benefits to your suppliers: 
  • Improved payment terms
  • Access to better systems and tools
  • A genuine desire on the part of the suppliers to help you succeed
PROACTIS Tail Spend Management
PROACTIS has helped us achieve significant savings on purchases through lower prices based on a specialised supply approach and consolidated buying power.
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