Spend Analysis

PROACTIS Spend Analysis 

What's really happening
on your watch?
What are we buying & with which suppliers?
Who’s making those purchases?
And how can we better control our spending?

What are we buying? And how can we
control our spending better?

As Procurement Director, you need accurate answers. Without them, trying to get a handle on your organisation's spend is baffling and energy-sapping. Let's be honest - it's embarrassing too.
And it's personal. That's because a lack of spend information can stop you from doing a great job. It can also hold back your organisation in critical ways. That needs to change quickly. And now it can.
Hear how a range of organisations have recouped vast amounts of wasted time, talent and cash using PROACTIS Spend Control and eProcurement.

Get powerful insights for
smarter buying decisions 

PROACTIS Spend Analysis gives you trustworthy,
company-wide data - on your laptop, tablet or mobile - in near real time. We're talking about those elusive
business-critical insights you've always wanted. The
kind of hard data that enables you to sharpen sourcing, mitigate risk, improve processes and drive up efficiency.

Fresh, actionable data...
every day

PROACTIS Spend Analysis provides everything you need to quickly capture, consolidate, cleanse, enrich and categorise all your spend data - from every disparate source, automatically.

Turn complex into easy

At this point, we know what you're probably thinking... massive new IT systems, nightmarish controls and
months of delays, right? But with PROACTIS that's not
the case.

Spend Analysis is cloud-based and mobile-ready. You can be up and running within weeks. It fits easily with   popular financial and ERP systems, but it's also a         feature-rich solution in its own right.

PROACTIS Spend Analysis - benefits at a glance

Bring in key data
from every source

It's easy to import supplier and transaction data. Adapters are available for virtually every kind of system. You can also resolve duplicate records and fix incorrect or missing data. Then it's classified using self-learning artificial intelligence.
Get eye-opening insights...
in seconds

PROACTIS Spend Analysis delivers powerful insights from the moment you turn it on. Comprehensive pre-built views and KPIs come with extensive filtering, point-and-click, drill-down options, and instant CSV export capabilities.
You'll know immediately
if things are going wrong 

Notifications and alerts are delivered automatically to your desktop, tablet or smartphone. This happens when important KPIs go out of range or unusual ordering or invoice activity takes place. 
Use spend insights to optimise
your procurement
 You can get the answers needed to deliver dramatic improvements in your company-wide procurement strategy and day-to-day activities, from sourcing and risk management, to efficiency and compliance.
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Download Resource

Business Case Guide for Spend Analysis
PROACTIS Spend Analysis
Now I can see the big picture - and make much better decisions. 
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