PROACTIS Sourcing 

Gain greater control, 
savings and compliance 
How do we get best value for our company spend?
How can we ensure a fair, transparent & repeatable sourcing process?
And how can we do it with very little effort?

Is achieving consistent ‘best value’ harder than it should be?

For Chief Procurement Officers, it can feel that way. You want to source more of your strategic spend categories and your substantial one-off purchases in a more effective way. At the same time, you'd like to establish genuine supplier competition in a way that is fair and transparent.

The trouble is, mistakes and missed opportunities for savings are inevitable if you don't have clear, repeatable, efficient processes that your entire organisation can understand and follow. Only then can you consistently obtain best value across a wider range of spend categories. With PROACTIS, it's all possible.  
Hear from the Finance Director of Viridian Housing on how PROACTIS Sourcing is enabling them to maximise their purchasing power and deliver value for money for their residents.

Enhance and optimise
your sourcing, end to end

PROACTIS Sourcing lets you streamline, standardise
and enhance all aspects of your sourcing process to
achieve greater savings and compliance. You can
replace piecemeal processes with a seamless framework that optimises the way you engage with suppliers and run competitive sourcing events of all types.

Collaboratively define what goods or services are needed – and use the best method to get the optimum value from the most qualified supplier. Everything is structured, streamlined, consistent and transparent. 

Best-in-class sourcing
has arrived

PROACTIS Sourcing enables you to bring more of your spend within a competitive process that's compliant, clear and fair to everyone.

As well as saving money, you can widen the field of suppliers, reduce risk and boost supplier performance. You can finally meet all your organisation's strategic and tactical sourcing needs with speed and accuracy. 

PROACTIS Sourcing - benefits at a glance 

Manage sourcing events with
ease and professionalism

The PROACTIS Sourcing Event Manager makes it easy to define and manage each sourcing event as a project with a sequence of one-time and iterative stages. It's easy to see who 'owns' each activity, where things stand, and when the event will be completed. That way, you can establish consistent, compliant processes for every event.
Get exactly what you
need, every time

Our RFx Document Manager helps you collaboratively specify questions and score responses automatically. You can create documents with questions that express precisely what you need and what you need to know about suppliers. It then streamlines the process of publishing them as RFI, RFP and/or RFQs. Finally, it structures and automates the process of scoring responses so you can confidently select the right option.
Get multiple quotes easily
for one-off purchases

The PROACTIS Quick Quote Manager offers a fast-track process for well-defined goods and services. It's a fast and easy way to obtain multiple competitive bids from current and prospective suppliers for routine purchases. Our seamless Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) integration enables easy initiation of the Quick Quote process via requests from anywhere in your organisation.
Create a level playing field for
competitive bidding

Our Auction Manager lets you set the stage - then sit back and watch the lowest price emerge. With PROACTIS, you can run an openly-competitive bidding process within a time-constrained online sourcing event. Participants know that the supplier with the lowest bid at the end of the process will be awarded the contract.

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Download Resource

Tail-Spend Management: How to Squeeze Savings from the Most Fragmented 20% of Spend
Bringing sourcing under control has suddenly put us on the front foot in achieving best value. 
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