Contract Management

PROACTIS Contract Management

Drive the maximum value from
every supplier contract
How can we get better visibility of our supplier contracts?
How can we ensure contract compliance?
And how do we realise potential savings, time and again?

Negotiating a good deal is just the beginning...

Your procurement team works hard to identify your top suppliers and negotiate 'best value' agreements that will minimise risk and maximise savings. But actually realising these goals is another matter. 

That's because managing hundreds of contracts - and getting your buyers to use them - can be incredibly complex and time consuming. It's extremely hard to monitor coverage, compliance, performance and risk. But now there's a breakthrough.
Hear from the Head of Procurement at Places for People on how PROACTIS solutions for sourcing and tendering, invoice scanning, contract management and spend analysis are helping them to gain better visibility and control of spend.

Gain control and visibility across
the entire contract lifecycle

PROACTIS Contract Management gives you a single
platform for the central management of all your
supplier contracts. You don't need to struggle to locate, track or manage paper or scanned contracts any more. Simply log in - and everything you need is available, instantly.

Our automated, streamlined contract monitoring tools lift a massive administrative burden from your team, while empowering them to keep track of reviews, payments, expiration dates and other activities with ease.

Maximise contract compliance
and savings

With PROACTIS, you can drive up information quality, avoid duplicate agreements, reduce risk, ensure compliance and secure those elusive savings by stopping your buyers from spending off-contract.

And when it's time to re-negotiate the next contract you'll be in the strongest position, thanks to purchase histories you can access in seconds.  

PROACTIS Contract Management - benefits at a glance 

See everything,
Managing hundreds or thousands of contracts just got easier, thanks to the electronic contract repository. It monitors contract dates and other important details, alerting your team whenever action is needed. It automatically gathers all purchase activity so you can analyse supplier performance and buyer commitments easily. 
Schedule key events -
and never miss them

With PROACTIS, you can avoid missing contract renewal dates, compliance checks and other important events. The system remembers and alerts you automatically, so every event is addressed at the proper time.
Keep everyone
working in harmony
We've made it easy to perform regular contract reviews to ensure everything is working as expected. Your team can easily monitor and analyse contract usage and performance - to ensure compliance from suppliers and from within your own organisation.
Make all goods and services
'buyable', then bring back the data
PROACTIS provides full two-way integration between your supplier contract repository and your Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) system. This makes contracts visible and available, so your buyers can requisition goods and services without switching systems mid-process.  What's more, all purchasing activity against each contract is collected automatically for reporting and analysis.
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Download Resource

Contract Management Health Check: How can you improve the management of supplier contracts?
PROACTIS Contract Management
Now everything is under control - across the entire contract lifecycle. We’re saving hours of admin time - which we’re now using to focus fully on negotiations and even greater savings. 
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