Supplier Network

PROACTIS Supplier Network


Make supplier interactions faster,
easier and more cost effective

How do we reduce the cost of supplier interaction?
How can we improve the efficiency of information & transaction exchange?
And how do we make it easy for suppliers to engage with us?

Is your team overwhelmed by emails, phone calls and paperwork?

If you're a Chief Finance Officer or Procurement Director, then you're sure to know how draining it is for your teams to stay on top of communications with suppliers.

Procurement departments need to keep supplier profiles and catalogues up to date, request quotes, negotiate deals, manage auctions, and handle PO and invoice transactions. The list goes on. And the emails and calls with suppliers never stop.

It's little better for Finance teams. Poor supplier records and cumbersome transaction handling can cause no end of problems with invoices and payments.
Hear how a range of organisations have recouped vast amounts of wasted time, talent and cash using PROACTIS Spend Control and eProcurement.

Streamline communications
and accelerate commerce

The PROACTIS Supplier Network enables you to say 'goodbye' to fragmented, resource-sapping interactions. Instead, you and your suppliers can connect in the most efficient way possible at every important touch-point as you do business together. Put simply, interactions of all types become fast, easy, inexpensive and trustworthy for all parties. 

Boost accuracy, raise
consistency and reduce costs 

The PROACTIS Supplier Network is a genuine win/win for your organisation and your suppliers. Slow, expensive and inconsistent manual communications and transactions are replaced by low-cost, electronic methods that deliver accurate information automatically whenever it's needed. 

Doing business just got
easier for everyone

Immediately, it becomes far simpler to make purchases
and handle invoices. Key information is maintained at
the source and made available to those who need it

Accuracy goes up and administrative effort goes
down for everyone involved. Suppliers of all types and
sizes can also reduce their cost of serving you.

PROACTIS Supplier Network - benefits at a glance 

Robust cloud-based network becomes the
secure 'home' for every interaction 

The PROACTIS Supplier Network combines the capabilities of a transaction hub, buyer and supplier portals, and eCommerce connections into a single entity. It connects your buyers and suppliers in ways that remove time, cost and risk for everyone, every day - thanks to fast, low-cost, electronic methods. 
Keep everyone in the loop -
throughout the business lifecycle

You can make it easy for suppliers to register and maintain information about themselves and their offerings, and compete for your business without creating an administrative headache for your team. Suddenly it's a whole lot easier to connect with them every time there's an auction, tender, questionnaire, contract or catalogue that requires action.
Automate transaction handling,
from purchase to payment 

The PROACTIS Supplier Network transforms the way you transact with suppliers - from online PO posting and acknowledgement, to online invoice submission and self-service account status checks. It even provides trading partners with new ways to manage cash, leverage working capital and accelerate payments whenever it makes sense. 
Drive down costs and open up new
business possibilities

For buying organisations, the PROACTIS Supplier Network’s powerful supplier interaction and commerce tools can combine with internal Spend Control solutions such as PROACTIS Purchase-to-Pay and Source-to-Contract applications. These enable you to transform your procurement and payment processes into a streamlined, highly effective ‘savings-generation engine’.
Win greater loyalty from your
supplier community

The PROACTIS Supplier Network solves almost identical issues for your suppliers. They save time, reduce costs and become able to respond to business opportunities faster. They'll beneļ¬t from a powerful set of efficient, easy-to-use customer commerce and interaction tools that enhance and broaden the way they do business with you and other customers. 
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Download Resource

Supplier Network: A Guide to Getting Started with Electronic Commerce
PROACTIS Supplier Network
We now have the perfect 'go-to' communication channel that serves our buyers and suppliers alike, sharing key information and transactions in the most efficient way. 
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