AP Automation

PROACTIS AP Automation

Achieve business transformation,
while cutting cost and complexity
How can we create a lean Accounts Payable function?
How do we eliminate
error-prone processes & fraud?
And how do we get visibility of the full financial picture?

Is AP holding back performance, when it
could lead the way?

Accounts Payable (AP) can sometimes seem like a back-office clerical function with little strategic importance. Worse still, it can become a bottleneck for organisations, where manual, paper-based processes prove to be slow, costly, difficult to monitor and prone to error.

But more Chief Financial Officers are now making a game-changing discovery: AP can actually improve bottom-line business performance. You can use it to see into the beating heart of your financial operation and bring about a major transformation. 
Hear from the Finance Director of logistics company, P&O Ferrymasters Ltd on how they've achieved a 20% efficiency increase in the processing of 650,000 invoices per year.

Unlock the strategic value
of Accounts Payable

PROACTIS AP Automation removes the complexities that cause unnecessary cost and delays. It enables you to tackle them head on - and replace them with streamlined systems for faster cycle times, swifter payments and lower costs.

You can also improve collaboration between your team and suppliers. Everyone wins. Suppliers benefit from the assurance of quick payment and access to cash, while you benefit from process transformation and access to early-payment discounts.

AP Automation plays a far
bigger, strategic role

With PROACTIS, you gain real-time visibility of what's happening in your finance operation. Accounts Payable Automation unlocks the key information you need for enhanced financial decision making. Invoices are the ‘eyes’ to the financial heart of your business. With reporting and analytics tools, your executives can use AP data to gain insights into your corporate financial health. You're better able to identify trends, support supplier negotiations and enhance your entire supply chain.

PROACTIS AP Automation - benefits at a glance

Accelerate your AP processes -
and get a sustainable ROI

PROACTIS enables you to better control and fully leverage the substantial amount of money you pay out for goods
and services. Accounts Payable Automation reduces the complexity and cost of your entire AP function, from invoice
receipt to payment authorisation.
Switch to 100% paperless
invoicing - from day one

With PROACTIS, you can electronically capture every invoice you receive - and reduce costs dramatically. You can cater for every type of supplier and any invoicing format, including paper, emailed documents and a wide variety of electronic invoices.
Make processing hands-free,
wherever possible
Processing becomes highly streamlined because coding is ready-populated up-stream. Invoice receipt, review, matching and approval can be handled automatically, saving hours for your staff, while stopping fraud and error. Faster processing leads to easier cash management, swifter payments and early discounts.
Benefit from closer
supplier relationships

Accounts Payable Automation becomes even more efficient when combined with the business-to-business PROACTIS Supplier Network. You can take collaboration to the next level and embrace 'best practice', streamlining communications and providing suppliers with a wealth of self-service tools.

PROACTIS AP Automation
We realised that AP was a source of untapped power.
Harness it, and we could transform strategy
and performance.
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