PROACTIS Marketplace

Allow staff to buy quickly and easily from key suppliers
It's simple - the best way to maximise on-contract buying is to make buying from the right suppliers the fastest and easiest way for employees to get what they need. The best way to drive good purchase decisions is to make it easy for them to compare alternatives and choose the best value.

PROACTIS Marketplace helps drive increased on-contract buying by providing employees with a single online destination where they can quickly and easily find, compare and choose what they need from your preferred suppliers – all within established purchase authorisation policies. 

PROACTIS Marketplace gives you an easy way to establish your organisation’s own secure ‘online store’ that connects employees to your major suppliers’ websites and catalogues. Within the convenience of a single shopping cart, employees can browse across multiple suppliers, compare alternatives, and choose the product or service that provides the best value for their needs. Intended purchases are passed through your normal purchase authorisation process and, when approved, the order is placed. It’s that easy!

Why use PROACTIS for your Marketplace?

Our approach gives your organisation a powerful way to drive increased on-contract spend while enabling employees to quickly and easily get what they need to do their jobs.
  • Supplier â€‹Website Punch-Out connects employees to your major suppliers’ websites
  • Online Catalogues incorporate goods and services from suppliers that do not have an appropriate website
  • Product & Service Comparisons give employees the visual and textual information they need to make a best-value purchase decision

  • eOrdering enables employees to place their order online once their purchase is authorised, saving them and your entire organisation considerable time and expense
  • Request for Quote (RFQ) capabilities streamline the process for buying non-standard products and services
Used effectively, PROACTIS Marketplace can become a powerful tool within your procurement strategy.
Hard savings: 
  • Increased savings from greater on-contract buying
  • Reduces maverick buying of un-needed or un-authorised goods and services
  • Increased savings from better employee purchase decisions
  • Reduced administrative cost within Procurement
  • Reduced non-value added time spent by employees
Strategic benefits: 
  • Greater employee adoption of your organisation's purchasing process
  • Better spend visibility by increasing spend made within your system
  • Greater organisational productivity and employee morale
PROACTIS Marketplace
With the Marketplace our procurement team can provide potential maverick spenders with the opportunity to source new suppliers while complying with organisational spending policies.
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