PROACTIS Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

Increase competition among suppliers to achieve best value
PROACTIS can inject extra functionality, speed, flexibility and business agility to your procurement strategy through Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS). You can use a DPS to increase competition among suppliers - and contribute to significant savings.

The PROACTIS Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) extends beyond the limits of static framework contracts and rigid sourcing processes and lends itself to faster-moving markets for products and services, where suppliers come and go, and prices may fluctuate. In these instances, PROACTIS DPS can be an excellent way of getting better value for money – by ensuring you get the best value provider in the market at any given point in time.

Typically, PROACTIS DPS is used for commonly-purchased goods and services. The repeatable nature of these contracts fits well with the automated processes of a Dynamic Purchasing System.

Why use PROACTIS for your Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)?

With the PROACTIS DPS system and expertise, you can:
  • Create procurement systems that truly reflect fast-changing local and national marketplaces
  • Customise processes and requirements to your own standards
  • Reduce administration - using automation to replace many manual processes
  • Divide contracts into smaller lots for greater savings
  • Issue lots quickly, receive tenders rapidly and award contracts faster
  • Enable suppliers to apply/remove themselves easily and update tenders/capabilities
Although a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) will often lead to lower prices, suppliers enjoy key benefits:
  • A DPS increases transparency and introduces a 'level playing field' for suppliers of every size
  • The possibility of smaller, more frequent lots increases opportunity
  • Suppliers can control price movements to stay competitive, rather than being locked in for years
  • When tendering, suppliers can avoid providing the same basic information repeatedly - because the DPS remembers and populates this for them. This saves them time and costs, so they can offer lower prices. It also means that more suppliers are likely to compete for lots

Used effectively, the PROACTIS Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) can become a powerful tool within your procurement strategy.
PROACTIS Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)
PROACTIS automates our sourcing events from reverse auctions to complex multi-stage negotiations and enables us to realise the best value, not just the best price, from our local supply base by factoring cost, risk, and performance drivers into decision-making.
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