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At PROACTIS, we specialise in helping organisations improve their operational and financial performance by improving the way they buy all types of goods and services. We call it Spend Control and eProcurement.

Information silos, process inefficiencies, manual errors and fraud vulnerabilities are removed. In their places comes ground-breaking Spend Control, enabling you to energise your sourcing, supplier engagement, contract management, and the entire purchase-to-pay and invoicing process. Now you can manage critical day-to-day processes in a streamlined way, using thoughtfully-designed tools and services.


The PROACTIS Difference

We mirror, automate and transform every business-critical process that relates to your Spend Control and eProcurement

Our Spend Control Platform brings together a highly integrated, yet modular family of solutions that mirror, automate and transform every business-critical processes across your organisation, end to end. Our platform is the culmination of almost two decades of experience working with some of the world’s leading organisations to deliver bottom-line success. The result is fast, flexible spend control capabilities that enable rapid and successful deployment and maximise return on investment.

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Solution-Wide Capabilities

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The PROACTIS Spend Control Platform enables Finance and Procurement leaders to dramatically improve the way their entire organisation operates. You can do it by embracing proven best practices, streamlining business processes and improving financial controls. Used to its fullest advantage, the PROACTIS suite helps organisations to go beyond simply automating what you have today. Rather, you can establish new, better processes that significantly improve organisational performance and bottom-line results.
Key factors make PROACTIS solutions especially powerful in terms of their ability to deliver results:
Functional breadth and depth

Our goal is to help you improve and streamline the full scope of Spend Control and eProcurement – benefits that support the source-to-contract and purchase-to-pay processes. That’s why we deliver a broader, more robust range of such solutions than any other solution provider in the world.
Intuitive, easy-to-use design

We recognise that no information system will be successful unless it’s easy to learn and use, but at the same time it is critical for organisations to comply with established policies and procedures. That's why we take so much care to develop solutions that balance ease-of-use with financial and process controls to ensure broad user adoption by employees and suppliers.
Flexibility to fit any organisation

We understand that your organisation will be different. But, at the same time, no-one really wants to develop or maintain custom software in today’s world. That’s why we’ve built our solutions to be highly configurable and workflow-driven, with a multi-organisational design that can support any company structure you have today, or may have in the future.
Fully internationalised

We recognise that more and more organisations operate on a global basis today. That’s why we’ve built comprehensive multi-language, multi-currency, multi-tax capabilities into all of our solutions.
Integration with existing business systems

We know you can only utilise our solutions if they effectively co-exist with your existing financial and operational systems. That’s why we’ve built our solutions to be 'agnostic' towards surrounding systems, with a framework for smooth integration with the systems you have in place today or in the future.
Multiple cloud-based and on-premise deployment options

We understand you want solutions that fully leverage the capabilities and price-performance of today’s rapidly evolving computing environments, and you want to license them in ways that effectively match their cost to their value. That’s why we offer a choice of cloud-based, on-premise, and hybrid deployment options, as well as subscription based, perpetual, and hybrid licensing options.
A solid technology foundation

We know you require a high level of reliability, scalability and security for a mission-critical system such as eProcurement. That’s why our solutions are built on proven, enterprise-class Microsoft.NET technology that offers the systems foundation you require regardless of whether you deploy our solutions on-premise or in the cloud.
Think transformation,
not tinkering

Transforming corporate performance is about more than clever software and smart people. It goes far deeper. You don’t simply take established processes then automate them, with all their flaws. You transform, automate and manage those processes, to make them highly streamlined, optimised and responsive. 
But transformation doesn’t need to be costly and disruptive. With PROACTIS, you can achieve significant results quickly and painlessly, thanks to our years of experience delivering greater bottom-line value for some of the world’s leading organisations.

Proven Success

By working with PROACTIS, you become part of a global success story. Millions of people in hundreds of organisations around the world use PROACTIS solutions every day. Organisations range from global Fortune 100 companies, central government agencies, and national associations; to mid-sized companies in just about every industry; a variety of local governments and authorities; and charities focused on many different causes.

solutions have been selected by Bristol City Council, Cancer Research UK, Department for Education, Greggs, Intu Properties, Kingfisher, Newcastle University, Veolia and many others to leverage their full buying power and maximise the percentage of "spend under management".
solutions are helping the likes of Betfred, CB Richard Ellis, Essex County Council, Europcar, Herbert Smith Freehills, RSPCA, Sightsavers International, Travelex, Virgin Active and University of Birmingham to increase visibility and control of their corporate spend.
Supplier Network
is enriching the supplier interaction and commerce processes and capabilities of companies across industry sectors: Public Sector, Education,  Finance, Not-for-Profit, Professional Services and Real-Estate, just to name a few.
Spend Analysis 
enables customers like Bauer Media to achieve greater visibility of spend and unlock 'actionable insight' from other third-party corporate systems to improve management decision-making.
Systems Integration
is proven to work with SAP, Oracle, Infor, Unit4, Microsoft, Open Accounts, Civica, Integra, Epicor and many other leading ERP systems. PROACTIS is proven with specialised FMS as well including Elite, Aderant, Yardi, Tramps and more.
Expert Services 
have been validated by clients such as Four Seasons, Mears Group, Meijer, P&O Ferries, Price Chopper, Raley's, Rite Aid Corporation and many more.

We’re great at technology.
But that's only part of what you need.
We help customers use our eProcurement software to automate, streamline, and standardise the many different activities involved in Spend Control. But first and foremost, our approach is based on understanding and improving business processes.

Technology is an essential ingredient. But it's not the full solution. The bottom-line results we help you to achieve come from a combination of software and the approach we take to solve problems and realise your vision. Here's what we mean...

Rapid assessment
Like a good doctor, we need to 'diagnose' before we 'prescribe'. We make sure we understand your environment before recommending particular solutions. Our assessment process is based on asking incisive questions about things like your spend volume and categories; number of suppliers, contracts, POs and invoices; company, Procurement and AP staff levels; organisational structure and locations; systems environment; and most importantly, your immediate and long-term goals. Everything matters. But we make the process fast and practical.  

Focus on your biggest opportunities
Quick, meaningful results are vital for any new deployment. So, once we have a clear picture of your environment and goals, we work with you to identify your biggest opportunities for a substantial return on investment (ROI). We'll help you develop a plan to get you there in the least amount of time. We'll recommend the PROACTIS solutions and services that will address your goals most directly. We outline the deployment options and help you choose the approach that best fits your needs. We help you set clear, measurable objectives so we all know when we’ve achieved success. And we help you get the job done with whatever resources you need to complement your own team. 

Incremental improvement
Gaining effective Spend Control is a journey that takes time. But we also understand that few organisations today want to follow monolithic multi-year projects that won’t yield results until 'year x'. That’s why we work with you to identify incremental steps that deliver measurable results within less than one fiscal period. Ideally, each step will fund the next. 

A flexible view of the path to effective
Spend Control

Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve a high level of Spend Control performance that will maximise bottom-line value. We never lose sight of that objective. But we also recognise that there is more than one way to get there. 

If your vision is to build a comprehensive approach to Spend Control around integrated PROACTIS solutions tied to your core financial systems, then we're ready to help. But if you just need a small subset of our solutions to fill holes in your existing eProcurement framework, then we can do that as well. Regardless of the scope, we are prepared to work closely with you to achieve the results you want - the pace that best suits your needs.
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