Sourcing & Tendering

How do you become more efficient and effective at sourcing?

Your organisation makes important sourcing decisions every day. Whether it's for a one-time capital equipment purchase, a major project, or ongoing supply of routine goods or services… clearly defining the need, establishing a competitive environment, and selecting the right supplier are all critical to obtaining the best value with the least risk.
Critical issues:
Like many organisations, you likely have some or all of the following challenges:
  • Many important purchases are being made without a structured, competitive process because it is seen as too cumbersome and time-consuming.
  • When you do perform sourcing events, it's hard to involve all the right people to create requirements and evaluate suppliers.
  • Considerable procurement manpower is required.
  • Sourcing events may be inconsistently executed, hard to track, and lacking in transparency.
  • You don't have a clear picture of your level of supplier risk.
Start now
By gaining a clear understanding of the underlying causes of these issues, and then applying the right tools to address them, you can expect to:
  • Streamline the sourcing process using a variety of approaches, including electronic RFx/tender processes, reverse auctions, etc.
  • Improve stakeholder results by making it practical for all the right people to collaboratively create RFx documents and evaluate supplier responses.
  • Increase effective sourcing capacity by enabling well-structured processes across the organisation with less support required from Procurement.
  • Reduce supplier risk with more objective supplier evaluation and RFx response scoring.
  • Eliminate non-compliance risk by enforcing consistent, fair, and transparent sourcing events.

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