Invoice Processing Cost Reduction Calculator

Save costs and increase efficiency by automating your organisation's 
existing AP Processes

Understanding your existing Accounts Payable performance levels and comparatively benchmarking these against industry leaders and other PROACTIS customers can give you an initial understanding of the potentially significant cost savings and process improvements that your organisation could achieve.

Complete 3 simple questions to see how much
you can reduce your processing costs

1. How many invoices does your organisation process per annum? Help Please enter the number of purchase invoices you receive and process each year.
2. How many Accounts Payable people are involved in processing purchase invoices? Help This is the number of full-time people involved in the processing of purchase invoices within your Accounts Payable department. Please note that this is where all purchase invoices are received and processed centrally.
3. How many of the above Accounts Payable people are involved in the entry of purchase invoices? Help Please enter the number of full-time people who would be involved solely in the manual entry of purchase invoices. If duties are currently shared, please estimate this as if it was undertaken within a full-time role.
Please note the calculator is for a centralised Accounts Payable function. If your process is de-centralised, please complete our contact form and we will contact you separately with the costs savings you could achieve 
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