Video Case Study: Places for People, A Journey of Exploration

Charlotte Sutton
Charlotte Sutton,
The Head of Procurement at Places for People, shares how PROACTIS solutions have helped them gain better visibility and control of spend.
Places for People is one of the largest property management, development, regeneration and leisure companies in the UK. It is comprised of over 20 companies, has assets in excess of £3 billion, and manages more than 140,000 homes.

Being an organisation of this size and diversity, with many different businesses units and infrastructures, presented a range of challenges. 

It was difficult to make strategic decisions as they had no clear visibility of what was being spent and with whom. Invoice processing was largely paper based and manual, with many invoices being received with no supporting PO or receipt acknowledgement. There was also little visibility and awareness of contracts and contract details across the organisation. 

Places for People knew they needed to change, and were looking for a solution that would provide them with a holistic view of their business. PROACTIS solutions have provided just that. Alan Heron, Head of Procurement at Places for People has shared his enthusiasm for PROACTIS solutions in our latest video below. 

He describes their journey with PROACTIS as one of exploration and quotes “one of the most exciting things about our relationship with PROACTIS is not only the immediacy of some of the benefits we are seeing already, it’s the potential of what can happen in the future”.

Watch our case study video below, to find out more.
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