AP Automation - Top 10 Recommendations

Charlotte Sutton
Charlotte Sutton,
Following on from our previous blog post “CFO Perspective: The Impact of AP Automation on Financial Planning", here are our top 10 recommendations for AP automation:
  • Create an end-to-end vision for corporate spend control including linking AP optimisation and Spend Control initiatives to your financial goals.
  • Target the cause of maverick spend with controlled processes, up-front coding and commitment checking, authorisation workflow, adhered to supplier agreements, etc.
  • Improve cost pipeline visibility: Ensure transaction visibility throughout procurement workflow to drive budget holder responsibility and provide timely access to information.
  • Streamline the supplier invoice approval process by automating the matching of invoices to orders and receipt information across the request-to-pay process.
  • Automate the inward paper process including invoice registration, supplier PO details, scanning physical paper-based invoices, and self-invoices for particular supplier agreements.
  • Automate invoice coding that is accurately set early in the purchase cycle e.g. a draft requisition or PO based on who is requesting, what they are buying and department.
  • Get procurement involved. Work closely with your Procurement team. Increase capacity by adopting best-in-class solutions that integrate seamlessly with your operational systems and provide you with low risk and low cost of ownership.
  • Focus on end-user adoption: Allow casual users to easily satisfy their business needs with interfaces designed for the user not just the transaction.
  • Ensure corporate governance and compliance: Put in place purchasing controls without imposing unnecessary restrictions that will result in employees conducting workarounds.
  • Enable close collaboration and trust between Finance and Accounts Payable operations and ensure seamless integration between operational systems for greater visibility and control.
To learn more and discover questions you should be asking and KPIs for assessing invoice performance, download "Account Payable: The Impact of Invoice Automation on Financial Performance". 
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