Transformational change - how can YOU make it happen?

Charlotte Sutton
Charlotte Sutton,
You are probably not the CEO of your organisation. You don’t call all the shots, but two things are clear: Your organisation counts on you to help them better manage spend, and you know your organisation can do better. 
So what’s holding you back?
What are the truly valuable ACTIONS you should be taking to drive transformational change that has real bottom-line impact?
Just as importantly – how do you motivate your organisation to WANT you to take those actions?
The answers to both questions are clear as well... step back. Look at the world through the eyes of your executive team. What are the external changes driving the need for fundamental internal change? What are your organisation’s strategic goals and initiatives? Who are the people working hardest to make those changes happen at the top?
Then think about it. How can YOU help through improved Spend Control?
What can you do within YOUR scope of influence to...Reduce cost? Improve customer satisfaction? Increase efficiencies? Drive down risk? Ensure compliance? Enable growth? In any way support your organisation’s strategic goals?
To be the person who makes a difference in your organisation requires that you ‘connect the dots’ between 1) what’s driving the need for change, 2) your organisation’s strategy for change, and 3) the tools YOU have to enact change. 
Yes – the actions you take directly will involve using tools like those from PROACTIS. They will involve better ways of handling purchase requests, invoices, supplier information, contracts, catalogues and the like. But all of those actions can, in fact, be clearly linked to your organisation’s strategic goals and the transformational changes that are needed to realise them. You just need to...understand the linkages. Help others understand the linkages. Make the linkages happen.

Linking Spend Control Actions to Strategic Enterprise Initiatives
We want to share with you new possibilities and practical insights that you can put to work right away.
In our next few blogs, we will be discussing Spend Control Actions and linking them to Key Strategic Enterprise Initiatives to deliver greater bottom-line value:
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