Reorganising your Enterprise? A Golden Opportunity to Take a Fresh Look at Spend Control

Katie Rufus
Katie Rufus,
In today's fast-moving business world, major company reorganisations are triggered by mergers, acquisitions and sell-offs. Suddenly, disparate systems, people and processes are brought together in a way that seems exciting and challenging all at once. 
But even if there's no change to the outside walls of your enterprise, internal developments can prompt a radical overhaul too. New products, services, strategies and priorities can create unstoppable momentum for change that ripples out to everyone in every office.

Departments can disappear overnight, new divisions are added, reporting structures get tweaked and workflow is channelled in new directions. You might decide to centralise to gain economies of scale - or outsource certain, non-core functions to reduce their costs.

Budgets, timelines and launches are all put in place. Everything starts moving quickly. But hang on...

STOP. Are you missing something important?

With so many changes going on, it's easy to focus solely on the headline benefits. Mergers mean competitive strength, acquisitions deliver new capabilities, and sell-offs can result in a nimbler, more focused operation. Restructuring can mean greater efficiency and agility. But so much more is possible.

While the big wheels of reorganisation are turning, take a fresh look at Spend Control. If you don’t, you could miss some low-hanging fruit.

Spend Control isn't an isolated outpost of your enterprise that needs a fresh coat of paint once in a while. Intriguingly, the closer you look, the more you realise it can have EVERYTHING to do with the success of your company reorganisation.

In this guide, we detail opportunities you mustn't miss including:
  • Mergers and acquisitions: When life threatens to get fiendishly complex, how to make it refreshingly simpler
  • Company restructuring: When operating against a backdrop of constant change, how to drive up efficiency and accelerate savings and compliance 
  • Spin-offs and divesture: When an organisation gets smaller, how to focus more on core activities and shared services
Spend Control solutions and services can help to energise every major company reorganisation. It's a golden opportunity to embrace key changes that deliver dramatic returns. 

To find out more, download the full guide ‘Reorganising your Enterprise?’.

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