Is managing corporate spend keeping you awake at night?

Simon Dadswell
Simon Dadswell,
We believe that access to effective Spend Control is a ‘business right’ for every organisation.
Sustained cost containment is essential to business achievement. It’s fundamental to achieving your goals, satisfying your stakeholders and delighting your customers or service users. We’d go as far as to state it’s a ‘business right’... vital to underpinning success.
The trouble is, many organisations are missing out on the fundamentals.
So as you lay awake at night worrying about how to bring your corporate expenditure under control what gremlins come out?
  • What’s really happening on your watch – who’s spending what, with whom?
  • How much control do you really have over spending?
  • Are you paying the price for a poor buying experience?
  • Engaging effectively with suppliers is essential. But are you drowning in paper, emails and phone calls?
  • Is achieving ‘best value’ harder than it should be?
  • Negotiating contracts is just the beginning… are you lacking visibility, control and compliance?
  • Is managing your supply base a huge drain on your team’s resources?
  • Is AP holding you back when it could be leading the way?
At PROACTIS, we specialise in helping organisations improve their operational and financial performance by improving the way they buy and pay for all types of goods and services. We call it Spend Control and eProcurement.
Information silos, process inefficiencies, manual errors and fraud vulnerabilities are removed. In their place comes ground-breaking Spend Control, enabling you to energise your sourcing, supplier engagement, contract management, and the entire purchase-to-pay and invoicing process.
Now you can manage critical day-to-day processes in a streamlined way, using thoughtfully-designed tools and expert services.
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