Deploying a New Finance or ERP System - or Upgrading?

Katie Rufus
Katie Rufus,
An enterprise’s information systems are its lifeblood, especially if you work in Finance or Procurement.
It’s a big decision to replace - or even refresh - your systems. It’s a move not taken lightly by the executive team. It can cost millions of pounds, take months to implement and create disruption at one level or another. Everyone feels it... employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

The move to replace your ERP system may be done in conjunction with other strategic initiatives, such as a company merger or shift in business processes, which adds even more complexity.

But it'll be worth it - according to the business plan to which everyone's signed up.

What’s driving your need for a new ERP?

Enterprise systems are often replaced because they are outdated and not providing the information access or process automation an organisation needs. Without change, perhaps your organisation would struggle financially, fail to retain market share and be picked apart by rivals and upstarts. 

But with new systems, maybe there's an opportunity to get a competitive edge on others? After all, better information in near-real time supports smarter decision-making, creating an optimised and agile organisation. And that's all true, but...

STOP. Are you missing something important?

A new ERP system can be worthwhile for a host of different reasons. But don’t overlook some significant, linked opportunities that could pass you by. For example, your organisation could tackle the opportunity to:
  • Gain a single view of all suppliers
  • Minimise risk through consistent qualification and review processes
  • Ensure full visibility of all purchase commitments
  • Centralise and standardise the management of all contracts
  • Reduce complexity and cost of your entire Accounts Payable function
Whatever your corporate goals, there's likely to be interlocking Spend Control requirements that will help to drive your success and deliver a greater payback.

Download this guide today, to identify opportunities for greater savings, visibility, compliance and business performance. 

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