Video Case Study: A Transformational Partnership Delivering AP Efficiency

Ashley Ridsdale
Ashley Ridsdale,
P&O Ferrymasters’ Finance Director shares how they've achieved a 20% increase in invoice processing efficiency with PROACTIS.
P&O Ferrymasters is one of the leading European providers of tailor-made transportation and logistics services. As a result of divestment, they found themselves with five accounting centres spread across different sites. This, coupled with an ever-increasing number of invoices to process, was resulting in process inefficiencies and increasing labour costs.

Working with PROACTIS, P&O have streamlined their accounts payable (AP) processes, consolidating their five accounting centres into two, whilst driving a 20% increase in the processing of 650,000 invoices per annum.

Chris Cassidy, Finance Director for P&O, shares his enthusiasm for PROACTIS in our video case study below. Chris describes how working in partnership with PROACTIS has made the AP function much more efficient and focused, quoting “invoices are being processed in the most efficient and economical way as possible. And, from an employee point of view, it requires the least number of people in order to process the most volume of documents.”