Savings #1 - What happens if…I start sourcing goods and services in much smarter ways?

Charlotte Sutton
Charlotte Sutton,
Some organisations have discovered how to create a competitive arena for their suppliers – so they can achieve greater savings, innovation and compliance.
They've also been able to replace piecemeal processes with a seamless framework and highly transparent and repeatable processes that optimise the way they engage with suppliers and run competitive sourcing events of all types.

Here are some true stories from PROACTIS customers…

A 120-store supermarket chain has used a sourcing managed service to help save over $24 million with an 18x return on investment across grocery, produce, general merchandise, equipment, supplies and other categories.

A 200-store US grocery and general merchandise retailer has increased procurement capacity with managed sourcing services and achieved $200 million in savings using only one internal dedicated resource.

Two UK local authorities teamed up to optimise their end-to-end efficiency. They achieved £1.3m in cashable efficiency savings from eSourcing and eAuctions.

A supply chain cooperative with procurement responsibility for a very popular franchise chain of over 3,000 stores has made eSourcing a strategic part of their procurement strategy. Their savings are at $10 million and counting.

A UK city council serving a population of 350,000 citizens has managed to achieve over £971,500 in annualised savings. The Council transformed the way it handles contracts for residential and nursing care as well as for school transport from using a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS).

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