Savings #3 - What happens if...I work more effectively with my suppliers?

Charlotte Sutton
Charlotte Sutton,
Many organisations have streamlined interactions with their suppliers at every touch point, enabling closer collaboration and hands-free electronic transactions, often using a single platform that covers every contract.
This has led to greater control and visibility across the entire source-to-settle lifecycle. Many have also managed to drive up information quality, ensure compliance, reduce risk and remove a massive administrative burden from their teams.

All-in-all providing savings and strategic benefits to their organisation and their supplier base.

True stories from PROACTIS customers...

One of the UK’s leading recycling and waste management companies
has brought £280m of spend under management. The business has transformed the way it manages supplier recruitment, qualification, adoption and performance appraisal. Previously, it had 50,000 suppliers. Now, 6,300 remain and are accredited. With easy communication and up to date records, the company can resolve any issues and manage any risks in the supply chain.

A UK-basereal estate investment trust with 17 million sq ft of retail space valued at over £7 billion is deploying key solutions to provide enhanced service to its customers. This is being achieved by gaining better control and governance of strategic sourcing, contract management and supplier management processes to optimise all aspects of procurement.

One of the world’s largest building material distributors with 1,500+ locations has changed the way it manages its indirect purchasing expenditure of over £200 million every year. It's anticipating savings of over £2.5 million after system costs in the first three years, simply as a result of improved governance and visibility. Meanwhile, the company has consolidated the base of over 26,000 suppliers to just over 5,000.

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