Savings #5 - What happens if... I keep doing all of this, all of the time?

Charlotte Sutton
Charlotte Sutton,
Put simply, the more an organisation adds, the more they gain.

True stories from PROACTIS customers...

A leading property consultancy and facilities management company is managing spend across hundreds of client sites in 20 countries, including the UK, numerous European countries, the United States, Canada, Barbados and India. All multi-currency, multilanguage and multi-tax capabilities of the solution are being put to use and the company is now looking to add more capabilities.

The UK property and asset management arm of a Fortune 500 commercial real estate firm has turned Spend Control into a significant value-add of their service that covers 850 properties managed by 460 employees in 12 offices. They enjoy greater control and visibility of spend, improved budget control, dramatically streamlined invoice processing and industry leading accounting for all operating expenses.

A national government department with global operations has deployed a single procurementsystem for 2,500 employees located in its headquarters as well as 150 offices in 70 countries. The system now includes standardised ‘best practice’ workflows and provides clear visibility of purchase activity for audit, reporting and analysis across an extremely diverse environment.

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Transforming processes, enforcing the company rule book and making life easy for large numbers of employees and suppliers may seem impossible. But you can avoid missing out on today's

We believe that access to industry-leading Spend Control and greater savings is a 'business right' for everyone. It's your right.

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