Part 2 – How to Transition Suppliers to eInvoicing & Realise the Benefits

Charlotte Sutton
Charlotte Sutton,
In Part 1, we discussed the challenges of invoice processing and how many organisations are unsure of how to move the majority of suppliers to submission of electronic invoices. In this article, we look at how to realise the many benefits of electronic invoice receipt using a combination of software solutions and managed services.
The PROACTIS Electronic Invoices Solution helps organisations to rapidly address this critical element of Spend Control. Using this solution you will quickly and efficiently put in place:
  • A multi-method framework for receiving electronic invoices, including:
    • A document and data capture service that uses OCR technology to turn paper, fax, and PDF invoices into ‘ready-to-process’ electronic records
    • Electronic invoice files for frequent/larger suppliers (e.g. XML, EDI, CSV, etc.)
    • Online ‘PO Flip’ and invoice entry capabilities for infrequent/smaller suppliers
  • A cloud-based supplier portal as the hub for electronic trading and communications with your suppliers
    • Invoice file uploads and online invoice entry
    • Self-service supplier account status enquiry
This solution is intended to help organisations using PROACTIS Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) further reduce the time and cost associated with invoice processing by eliminating the need to manually register the majority of incoming invoices.
The PROACTIS Electronic Invoice Solution provides a highly structured, efficient and cost-effective process for organisations to:
  • Identify and prioritise electronic invoice methods you wish to use over time:
    • Combination of OCR-based document and data capture, eInvoice files, online ‘PO Flip’, and direct online invoice entry
    • Map selected methods to target sets of suppliers based on invoice volume, level of relationship, and supplier technical capabilities
  • Immediately eliminate handling and manual registration of paper invoices using the PROACTIS Document and Data Capture Service
    • Suppliers send all paper, fax and emailed PDF invoices to a designated PO Box, Fax # or email address
    • (or you may choose to receive and forward)
    • Invoices are opened, prepared and scanned to extract and cleanse all appropriate data using sophisticated OCR technology; exceptions are highlighted and resolved using a structured process
    • A file of ready-to-process electronic invoices is delivered to you for import into PROACTIS P2P Invoice Processing
  • Immediately begin providing self-service online supplier account enquiry via your Supplier Portal
    • Save considerable AP resource by reducing time spent answering status request calls and emails
    • Offer this 24/7/365 self-service capability as an immediate benefit to supplier
  • Perform a step-by-step process to move suppliers to submission of electronic invoices via the Supplier Portal 
    • Organise by small groups using common method (e.g. certified suppliers capable of sending eInvoice files; low volume suppliers using online PO Flip, etc.)
    • Incrementally shift the percentage of electronic invoices submitted directly by suppliers from that converted from paper to electronic form through the Document and Data Capture Service 
Comprehensive electronic invoice tools
PROACTIS will put in place the functional capabilities you need to establish electronic invoice receipt for all types of invoices from all types of suppliers. Utilising an online Supplier Portal with self-service supplier capabilities for invoice entry and ‘PO Flip’, upload of multiple electronic invoice file formats, and account status enquiry, PROACTIS Spend Control has several important advantages:
  • Comprehensive, best-in-class capabilities
  • Cloud deployment
  • The ability to easily grow into additional areas if desired (e.g. electronic PO delivery, sourcing, supplier management, contract management, catalogue management)
Expert start-up assistance
PROACTIS Spend Control professionals will work with you and your team to perform all of the activities needed to develop your electronic invoice receipt capability.

  • Help you identify the most appropriate electronic invoice methods for use with various types of suppliers
  • Guide development of your supplier communication program, including instructions for new submission processes as well as the benefits to them
  • Set up the PROACTIS Document and Data Capture Service to turn paper, fax and PDF invoices into electronic records ready for processing
  • Configure the PROACTIS Supplier Portal with the electronic invoice methods and self-service account enquiry capabilities you choose
  • Assist with the transition to direct submission of electronic invoices for your initial set of target suppliers
With guidance from PROACTIS, your team will:
  • Identify supplier categories with common characteristics such as invoice volume and technical capabilities
  • Lead your supplier outreach program to communicate new invoice submission processes and account status enquiry capabilities
  • Launch and expand transition of supplier groups to direct submission of electronic invoices
Optional ongoing services
PROACTIS can provide additional ongoing services where we work as an extension of your team to completely eliminate the need for you to handle paper invoices. Services include:
  • Document and data capture for any remaining paper, fax and PDF invoices
  • Supplier on-boarding for online eInvoice file upload, ‘PO Flip’ and direct invoice entry
This combination of structure, technology, and professional resources delivers everything you need to get started now, realise rapid results and, most importantly, establish a lasting foundation for highly efficient electronic invoice capture.
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