Sourcing Efficiency with PROACTIS

Charlotte Sutton
Charlotte Sutton,
The PROACTIS Sourcing solution has been developed to help organisations address this critical element of Spend Control.
Using the PROACTIS Sourcing solution you will quickly and efficiently put in place:
  • Standardised process templates for various types of sourcing events, including electronically defined and monitored activities, activity ownership, prompts, and status visibility; event types may range from simple 1-step ‘request for quote’ processes to complex multi-stage events and eAuctions
  • Standardised electronic document templates combined with automated processes for collaborative development of detail questions, requirements and selection criteria by all stakeholders, as well as automated or manual response scoring and evaluation
  • Electronic supplier communications to streamline RFx posting, retrieval and submission, as well as invitations to participate and other 2-way communication
  • An eAuction platform that provides everything you need to run successful real-time reverse auctions for appropriate purchase categories

PROACTIS Sourcing provides a highly structured, efficient and cost-effective process for organisations to: 

Categorise and prioritise sourcing event types

  • Identify event types used per category and situation
  • Prioritise for initial focus and greatest savings

Establish your standardised approach

  • Questionnaire and requirement document creation
  • “Request for” and eAuction processes, including pre- and post-event activities
  • Supplier communications

Educate stakeholders on new sourcing procedures

  • Internal stakeholders’ roles and responsibilities; benefits to them
  • Supplier procedures and expectations; benefits to them

Perform initial sourcing events

  • Request for item prices
  • Request for supplier quality and risk assessment
  • Initiate competition to tender for contract
  • Initiate price competition through eAuction

Comprehensive sourcing tools

PROACTIS will put in place the functional capabilities you need to perform all of your desired types of sourcing events. Utilising an electronic sourcing ‘event manager’; collaborative requirement development; electronic document publishing, response and scoring via a cloud-based supplier portal; and a real-time eAuction platform, PROACTIS Sourcing has several important advantages:

  • Comprehensive, best-in-class capabilities
  • Cloud deployment
  • Easily grow into additional areas if desired (e.g. supplier management, contract management, catalogue management, electronic trading)
Expert start-up assistance

PROACTIS Spend Control professionals will work with you and your team to perform all of the activities needed to develop standardised electronic processes and documents, and to assist with initial events.
  • Help outline desired event types based on current processes, regulatory guidelines and recognised best practices
  • Configure the PROACTIS Sourcing solution, including basic supplier directory and supplier portal capabilities to support sourcing activities
  • Develop an initial set of sourcing event templates and supporting RFx document templates
  • Guide development of your internal education process
  • Launch the supplier portal with support for initial supplier communication
  • Support execution of your first few sourcing events
With guidance from PROACTIS, your team will:
  • Establish the standard steps in each sourcing event type, as well as the standard content to be included
  • in the associated RFx document templates
  • Provide a definition of your organisational structure with roles and responsibilities
  • Lead your internal stakeholder and education and supplier communication processes
  • Execute your first few sourcing events with PROACTIS assistance
If you like, PROACTIS can even provide ongoing support services – either for an initial period or long term. PROACTIS can work as an extension of your team to:
  • Develop additional sourcing event process and document templates
  • Support additional sourcing events
  • Run eAuction events as a managed service 

This combination of structure, technology, and professional resources delivers everything you need to get started now, realise rapid results and, most importantly, establish a lasting foundation for increased volume of competitive sourcing events.

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