PROACTIS’ Cyber Games Success Highlights Rising Cloud Security Issue

Charlotte Sutton
Charlotte Sutton,
What happens when a cyber terrorist group seizes control of a naval gun system - and points it at London’s City Hall? Answer: Some of the UK's most gifted security minds get to work and stop them.
At PROACTIS, we've been cheering on David Betteridge, our Special Projects Director. He was one of 42 candidates taking part in this scenario at the Cyber Security Challenge Masterclass 2015 final. Centred on HMS Belfast on the River Thames, the event was covered in the national media and followed months of online and face-to-face cyber battles involving thousands of entrants.
David and colleagues had to wrestle back control of the naval gun systems, while searching for ‘holes’ within other IT systems to defeat a shadowy terrorist group in the game. The Masterclass final received national coverage and praise. The event also highlighted the growing awareness of security issues and unpredictable attacks of all kinds – which seem to become more sophisticated and intrusive every month. Where will cyber criminals target next?
One topic that's certain to steadily rise up the corporate agenda is cloud security.
With more organisations moving core processes to the cloud – including sensitive information and financial data – the 'prize' for hackers is becoming all the more attractive. Motives may vary, of course, from theft and disruption, to various grievances or a warped desire for kudos. So how secure are your core cloud services? If you can't physically see them, then how do you actually know? And what if they include business-critical systems?
At PROACTIS, we're already thinking ahead.
Cloud computing makes it possible for organisations to deploy services quickly, sometimes for less cost than in-house. Smarter cloud-based applications can also enable a new level of collaboration and innovation across the entire “source-to-settle” process, allowing organisations to streamline processes and do more for less.
Trusting someone else with your eProcurement is one thing. But have they got the security to match?
At PROACTIS, we've thought long and hard about security and the cloud. As a result, we've managed to balance the simplicity of web browser and mobile phone user interfaces with the need for enterprise-class security, scalability and reliability. This makes it easy for you to provide employees, Procurement teams, budget holders, Finance teams and even suppliers with access to applications from virtually anywhere – and to do it securely.
We provide technical management for our cloud-hosted services, backed by system monitoring and disaster recovery capabilities. Crucially, we adhere to the highest levels of security and process standards (ISO 27001 and ISO 9001). (That’s a far cry from many vendors’ approach of sadly managing cloud services with servers hidden away in their broom-cupboards!)
PROACTIS also offers a data centre that is certified under SAS 70 Type II for meeting the ISO 27002 standards for physical security, control of restricted areas, data security and confidentiality, and other critical measures. Place our systems, hosting and security under the “spotlight” and it makes the grade. That’s why many central governments, financial institutions and organisations around the world trust the PROACTIS cloud eProcurement platform to deliver greater bottom-line value.
We hope we're wrong about needing all this security for the cloud. It's a 'belt and braces' approach. But we're not willing to take any chances for ourselves or for our cloud customers. As the Cyber Security Challenge Masterclass showed, smart-thinking professionals anticipate problems, respond quickly and avert disasters
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