Are You Ready For Spend Awareness Day?

Charlotte Sutton
Charlotte Sutton,
The countdown has begun. The day is getting closer. And thousands of organisations could be about to discover something shocking and yet exciting about their businesses.

April 15 is Spend Awareness Day, a rare opportunity when many companies will begin to find out where all their money's going – and how to get some of it back!
The day is being organised by PROACTIS, which estimates that more than 80% of organisations aren't using the right tools and processes that can help maximise efficiency over how they purchase and pay for goods and services.

Money could be draining away in a host of different ways, including:

  • Failure to negotiate volume discounts with suppliers
  • Time-consuming, paper-based ordering that's prone to errors
  • Sluggish, manual approval processes for all purchases
  • Having to re-key invoices submitted by suppliers
  • Duplicate or invalid invoices that get paid by mistake
  • Exposure to risk of supplier non-performance & non-compliance

The list goes on. And it's all money lost, without anyone noticing – or feeling empowered to solve the problem. But that's about to change for organisations who are ready to fight back.
To help them find out what's going wrong – and how to fix it – PROACTIS has published a free Spend Awareness Action Pack for teams to follow on, or even before, April 15.
Download your copy of the Spend Awareness Action Pack
Sections only take 20-30 minutes each to complete – but could save a fortune. 

"People are often busy with other tasks and so spend management can get overlooked easily. But in terms of pounds-saved-per-second, April 15 could be the most rewarding day that anyone in your business has ever spent!" says Simon Dadswell, Marketing Director at PROACTIS.
Two weeks later, PROACTIS will be taking the spend awareness message to London and Manchester, UK - with free morning workshops for procurement and finance executives. 

These free events will suggest practical solutions for thorny problems, such as managing maverick spend, refreshing supplier relationships and how to identify spending clearly before invoices arrive. Book your place quickly before these events are full.

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