CPO Quotes at World Procurement Congress 15

Charlotte Sutton
Charlotte Sutton,
PROACTIS was proud to be exhibitors at this year’s Procurement Leaders “World Procurement Congress 15” event in London. Networking with a community of over 300 procurement professionals provided a great few days of collaboration. 
We participated in many round-table debates to fuel discussion, find out more about the challenges organisations face, and explore entrepreneurial ideas that would deliver greater bottom-line value.

Topics ranged from; how to get the most out of your suppliers, how cloud computing is influencing business decision making and shaping procurement sourcing activity, to; advanced procurement and the success of global supplier development programmes, and much more.

Great insights were exchanged and to summarise the “top CPO quotes” of the Congress, for us, were:
  • “We need to champion the ideals of value creation."  CPO, Essilor
  • “Procurement identifies relationships that lead to innovative solutions.” CPO,Johnson & Johnson​
  • “To get the most value, you need to be a sales person as well as a procurement person.” Former CPO, IBM
  • “We have to transfer procurement from a financial impact driven function, to a business impact driven function.” CPO, Siemens
  • “Procurement has to embrace change and evolve with the company.” CPO, Dupont
It was a great few days out of the office, participating in lots of themed discussions to share and exchange ideas. Roll-on World Procurement Congress 16!
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