Part 2 – Build a Complete View of Your Supplier Base with PROACTIS

Charlotte Sutton
Charlotte Sutton,
In Part 1, we discussed the effect of supplier records that are duplicated across multiple systems, incomplete, and out of date within an organisation.
The PROACTIS Supplier Management has been developed to help organisations quickly address this foundational element of Spend Control. Using this service you will quickly and efficiently put in place:
  • A central supplier directory with complete, accurate, and up-to-date supplier information that will act as the foundation for Spend Control
  • Standardised processes for supplier recruiting, qualification, adoption, and review that will enable you to efficiently and effectively maintain the quality of your supplier directory – and actual supplier base – over time
  • A cloud-based supplier portal that will streamline supplier communication to free up Procurement capacity for increased competitive sourcing and other value-adding activities
PROACTIS Supplier Management provides a highly structured, efficient, and cost-effective process to:

Cleanse existing supplier records
  • Establish a central supplier directory
  • Standardise content, cleanse and enrich data, remove errors and duplicates
Identify and address current risks
  • Audit high risk elements
  • Target non-compliance
Build a complete view of the supplier base
  • Properly code by spend category
  • Analyse supplier coverage by category
  • Initiate supplier base rationalisation
Put in place ongoing supplier management processes
  • Supplier recruiting
  • Supplier qualification
  • Supplier adoption
  • Supplier review and appraisal
Comprehensive supplier management tools

PROACTIS will put in place the functional capabilities you need to perform all of the start-up activities and implement effective, efficient ongoing supplier management processes. Built around the central supplier directory and cloud-based supplier portal, PROACTIS Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) software has several advantages:
  • Comprehensive, best-in-class capabilities
  • Cloud or on-premise deployment
  • Easily grow into additional areas if desired (e.g. sourcing, contract management, catalogue management, electronic trading)
Expert start-up assistance

PROACTIS Spend Control professionals will work with you and your team to perform all of the activities needed to cleanse your existing supplier records, identify and address current risks, and build a complete view of the supplier base.

  • Configure your supplier directory with the information needed by your organisation
  • Upload your existing supplier information from current sources
  • Perform data cleansing and enrichment, including outreach to suppliers as needed
  • Develop supplier recruitment, qualification, and appraisal templates and workflows
  • Launch your supplier portal with a comprehensive communication program
  • Synchronise existing supplier files with your central supplier directory, with appropriate integration where required
With guidance from PROACTIS, your team will: 
  • Identify your supplier categorisation scheme
  • Establish supplier qualification and appraisal criteria
  • Perform supplier risk analysis and supplier rationalisation
Optional ongoing services
If you like, PROACTIS can even provide ongoing support services – either for an initial period or long term. PROACTIS can work as an extension of your Procurement team to staff:
  • Supplier helpdesk services
  • Supplier adoption/on-boarding services
This combination of structure, technology, and professional resources delivers everything you need to get started now, realise rapid results and, most importantly, establish a lasting foundation for effective, efficient supplier management.
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