How Does a Mouse Eat an Elephant (Spend Control Demystified - Part 5b)

Charlotte Sutton
Charlotte Sutton,
Continued from Spend Control Demystified - Part 5a
Continued from Spend Control Demystified - Part 5a

Mistake #2: “Attempting to save a little in the short term will mean paying a great deal more later, as you will have to start again from scratch”

TIP: Go for the real benefits.

Look at the situation from a potential benefits prospective. Where will you get the most benefit? From a finance perspective, it is unlikely to be from replacing financial ledgers and more likely to come from budget checking, streamlined invoice matching etc.

It’s a journey…. not a destination

There are only two certainties regarding the growth of Spend Control and eProcurement. Firstly, that we are witnessing it’s growth from infancy and secondly, that speed of commercial acceptance is going to continue to accelerate.

If you see Spend Control as a destination, a task where you are finished and nothing more is to be done, then you have misunderstood the fundamental nature and importance of Spend Control.

Mistake #3: "Basing your requirements on the technology platforms of today, without due regard for what you will need in the foreseeable future"

TIP: Don’t celebrate too early.

Keep a project team in place even after the system is live. This can be part-time but is essential to the well being of any organisation. Activities such as user and system audits should be employed to ensure that all users are working to the guidelines and that no issues are being overlooked.

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