“Sizing Up the Problem” (Spend Control Demystified - Part 3)

Charlotte Sutton
Charlotte Sutton,
To be successful in the delivery of any project, it is essential to understand the size and nature of the objective.
Any elephantine task can be tackled if you beat it down into its component parts. Firstly you need to size the project and see the elephant you are dealing with.

Delivering Spend Control is a strategy, not a short term tactic.

Consider these points:
  • Spend Control represents the ability to become a business, where delivering ‘best value for money’ is the norm, irrespective of how or when the goods and services are purchased
  • Spend Control represents the automation and integration of what are some of the least disciplined areas of the business
  • Spend Control is dependent on the ‘buy-in’ of a significant proportion of your staff to ensure that the discipline of procuring from only certified vendors and approved items is carried out efficiently and accurately

Spend Control involves new challenges, new disciplines and new ways of working, including:
  • Attractive for what is perceived to be the fastest results, rapid ‘evolution’ ensures a high adoption rate by your staff and encourages their proactive involvement in extended Spend Control to more aspects of your business over time
  • Spend Control delivers new, more efficient, more effective ways to communicate the relevant, most up-to-date information internally and externally
  • Spend Control requires the total support of the board of directors.

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