How to Quickly Gain & Keep a Handle on Your Suppliers

Charlotte Sutton
Charlotte Sutton,
A complete, accurate, up-to-date central supplier directory; enabled by consistent supplier management processes; is key to the efficiency and effectiveness of your primary procurement functions of sourcing, contract management and supplier content management.
But many organisations find themselves with supplier records that are duplicated across multiple systems, incomplete, and out of date. Many of those suppliers were never properly qualified to determine the relative value they deliver, nor the risk they entail. There is often a lack of information to identify categories where there are too many suppliers or those where there are not enough. And when supplier records are poor, supplier communications are almost always poor as well.

The PROACTIS Supplier Management Jump-Start Solution has been developed to provide a highly structured, efficient, and cost effective process to help organisations:
  • Cleanse existing supplier records
  • Identify and address current risks
  • Build a complete view of the supplier base
  • Put in place ongoing supplier management processes
The benefits of a comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date central supplier directory, standardised supplier management processes, and efficient supplier communications are significant:
  • The information you need to fully rationalise your supplier base
  • A supplier base that offers high value and low risk to your organisation
  • Greatly reduced cost of supplier information maintenance
  • The foundation for more effective sourcing, contract management and catalogue management
  • Increased Procurement capacity for competitive sourcing and other value-adding activities