Spend Control for the Multi-Location, Multi-Business Unit Organisation

Charlotte Sutton
Charlotte Sutton,
When it comes to Spend Control, complex organisations that operate across geographically dispersed locations, multiple business units or countries face special challenges that go beyond those of organisations with a simpler environment:
  • Varying ERP or financial systems
  • Multi-language and currency requirements
  • Support for multiple taxation and regulatory methods
  • Higher complexity of change management etc.
Not all eProcurement solutions will have the breadth, depth, flexibility and scalability required to support a truly effective approach to Spend Control. This white paper reveals how to address these challenges, as well as:
  • The value and elements of effective Spend Control
  • Why the centre-led model is the approach many organisations are taking today
  • The special requirements you will have for supporting eProcurement support systems
  • The strengths of a best-in-class eProcurement solution
Download Spend Control for the Multi-Location, Multi-Business Unit Organisation