Planning an International Spend Control Rollout Project? (Part 3)

Charlotte Sutton
Charlotte Sutton,
... continued from Part 2

In any organisation, spend control is a journey. In a large multi-location, multi-business unit organisation, that journey requires a support system with the flexibility to help Finance and Procurement “get started”, improve incrementally, and effectively respond to change over time.
PROACTIS solutions have that flexibility, as well as the breadth, depth, and scalability you require to support a truly effective approach to centre-led spend control.

Four Real World Examples

Example 1

Leading North American supplier of aggregates, asphalt, ready mixed concrete, and paving services.

Leverage national buying power across dozens of local companies of varying size, operations, and procurement system maturity; each with its own
local identity and culture; operating in over 1,400 locations in 40 states.

A common PROACTIS purchase-to-pay framework across all companies to provide a consistent level of corporate control and visibility with the flexibility to handle a wide range of local environments.

Example 2

Government agency chartered with tackling the underlying causes of poverty in developing areas around the world.

Standardise and streamline procurement processes across 70 overseas offices for diverse spend categories sourced at both the global and local level.

A common PROACTIS sourcing, RFx management, contract management, and supplier management framework with built in workflows and controls that are allowing procurement
activities to be moved increasingly to the local level while maintaining policy compliance and central visibility.

Example 3

The world’s largest commercial real estate services firm.

Implement consistent spend control processes to provide geographically dispersed property owners in multiple countries with close control of expenditures for local services such as cleaning,
maintenance, security, and landscaping, as well as careful management of operating supplies, and proper payment of utility and tax bills, and other invoices.

A common PROACTIS purchase-to-pay framework across 2000+ properties in the UK and Germany, including electronic invoices and intelligent invoice processing to manage over
200,000 invoices a year.

Example 4

The world's leading provider of severe service control valve solutions for the power generation, oil and gas, and pulp and paper industries.

Ensure compliance with corporate policies and best practices for indirect spend across all operations spanning North America, Europe, and
Asia. Establish a global spend control umbrella and improve business processes in advance of deploying a new organisation-wide ERP system.

A single PROACTIS purchase-to-pay framework deployed globally via the Internet to support all locations and business units while providing central control and visibility.