Optimise Your Purchase-to-Pay Investment - Education & Training

Charlotte Sutton
Charlotte Sutton,
PROACTIS has a wealth of experience in providing expert training services which ensures users quickly get over the learning curve of new purchase-to-pay technology:
Standard Training Services
Our Standard Training Services are developed with predefined sets of topics and include:
  • Open Classroom Sessions: We offer complete role-based, task-specific training at our PROACTIS offices.
  • On Site Instructor-Led Training: All PROACTIS courses can be delivered exclusively onsite at your facility.
  • Learning On Demand: Many of our standard training courses can be delivered effectively via a remote-learning sessions or self-service.
  • ‘How To’ Training Tutorials: These brief, user-friendly tutorials are the perfect tools for learning.
Custom Training Services
This form of training provides you with maximum flexibility. Material is based upon standard course material. However, you can request certain topics be covered, or new topics to be added. You can also provide your own design or database to use in the creation.
Custom Instructor-Led Training
Classroom training can be given using our standard courses or developed especially for your system, users, and processes allowing you to train your users in exactly what is important to you. Using our extensive training experience, we will propose a program and set of materials to train users in a classroom, and then work with you to define the learning objectives, program, exercises, and materials, for the classes. Training is frequently delivered for designated trainers, but may also be developed and/or delivered for end-users as required.
Custom Remote Training – Learning On Demand
Web-based training content is built specifically for your users. This allows for self-paced training, using a copy of your own database, effective for companies with geographically dispersed or large audiences.
Standard training materials can be available on-line to you or we can write and produce Custom Remote Training modules based on your own environment as a means to show discrete business in the context of your business processes. This allows you to train users in exactly what is important to you in a repeatable, highly scalable format that can be used for both initial training and for reference purposes.
This is generally done by recording a process, screen highlights, audio narration, or other elements to convey the concepts.
Custom Remote Training as by its very nature can be run on-line, enabling immediate worldwide distribution as opposed to having to schedule a room full of delegates and a trainer. It also can be used for reference later if a user wants to revisit the course or just a specific portion of the content.
Custom ‘How To’ Training Tutorials
Watch high quality on-line training tutorials covering the main features of each training module, pause or repeat on demand. By creating your own custom tutorials, you can ensure that you say what you want to the right users using your own
application screens.
New Release Test Environment
The facility exists to upload your own purchase-to-pay database and review in the latest purchase-to-pay release to understand the benefits of an upgrade. All transactions and contact data are deleted prior to upload. Passwords are reset. Available on a weekly or monthly basis.
If you have questions or would like help in selecting your courses, contact the PROACTIS team who will be happy to help you select the most appropriate course to meet your needs and expectations:
T: 01937 545 070