Self-Assessment Tool Helps You Benchmark Your Finance & Procurement Organisation

Charlotte Sutton
Charlotte Sutton,

Think becoming a more cost effective organisation and improving management of what it spends on goods and services is a choice? Think again.

The recent economic downturn was a pivotal event. A low operating cost structure is imperative to help your business succeed - every dollar saved is a dollar straight to the bottom line (or a return to budget if you are in the Public Sector). Maximum bottom-line results are only achieved when all elements of an organisations procurement and purchase-to-pay processes are operating effectively and efficiently; and, most importantly, in integration with each other. 
How do you fare? Evaluate how well your finance and procurement organisation performs on a spectrum of maturity levels for each Spend Control issue or activity and identify areas that may warrant further investigation. You can complete your assessment online and receive immediate results of how you compare against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to address your specific challenges and opportunities.
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