Calculator: Accounts Payable - Reduce Invoice Processing Costs & Increase Productivity

Charlotte Sutton
Charlotte Sutton,
In many organisations, invoice processing is the single most paper-intensive, "high touch" manual activity remaining today.  Even organisations that have largely automated their front office, operational and supply chain functions often still process invoices in a very manual manner.
The fundamental requirements for automating Accounts Payable are simple:
  • Get all invoices into electronic format
  • Utilise technology to automatically authorise as many invoices as possible while making sure only valid invoices are paid and all costs are properly allocated
  • Utilise technology to quickly obtain the information required to resolve discrepancies and authorise payment for the remaining invoices
PROACTIS  AP Automation solutions enable you to quickly turn all invoices into standardised electronic records, automate invoice validation and account coding, automate 4-way matching and workflows, and improve cost commitment visibility and cash management.
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