Video Case Study: International Transport Group, HOYER, Discusses Purchase-to-Pay Efficiency

Charlotte Sutton
Charlotte Sutton,
International transport group, HOYER, operates in 75 countries and with more than 8,000 vehicles, it boasts the largest independent tanker fleet in the world.


Tim Binns, IT Manager at HOYER, talks about how PROACTIS eProcurement enables them to see committed costs at the point of purchase and has reduced their month-end from four weeks to seven days.

Goals supported by PROACTIS eProcurement:

  • Gain faster visibility of the cost pipeline 
  • Make key financial information available sooner
  • Speed up the purchasing process
  • Impose business rules and spending limits

Results to Date:

  • PROACTIS rolled-out to operations across Europe
  • Staff can only purchase within their given limits and from permitted suppliers
  • Administration time is significantly reduced because POs are automatically coded correctly and commitment information is instantly delivered to the Finance system
  • Management of budgets and overspends are improved
  • Time taken to produce monthly accounts has reduced
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