Why PROACTIS is Your Ticket to Effective Purchasing

Charlotte Sutton
Charlotte Sutton,
PROACTIS specialises in just one thing – helping organisations improve their operational and financial performance by improving the way they buy all types of goods and services: we call this “best-in-class” Spend Control and eProcurement.
Specifically, PROACTIS provides software solutions and services that help commercial, public and not-for-profit organisations to:
  • Reduce the overall cost of purchases goods and services
  • Improve financial control
  • Mitigate risk 
Only PROACTIS offers the capabilities to streamline the entire procurement process, with the organisation-wide controls you need to ensure policy compliance, and an intuitive easy-to-use design that is required for organisation-wide adoption.
Purchasing Challenges
Organisations are under pressure to do more with less. In most organisations, the key processes have been streamlined and improved over the last few years, but a wide range of problems are endemic to those who ignore the purchasing process for indirect expenditure:
  • Employees often make purchases without appropriate authorisation
  • Many purchases are made from non-preferred sources
  • There is no visibility of purchase commitments until invoices arrive
  • Costs are attributed to the wrong accounts or departments
  • No one really knows what’s being bought over time – little information is available to support procurement improvements
Furthermore, your ERP systems will most likely not provide the answer. ERP systems cover a broad function scope and offer a degree of integration across different applications. However, such breadth leads to a lack of focus on Spend Control issues such as bringing maverick spend under control, giving visibility of the cost pipeline and delivering economies of scale.
Purchasing Requirements
What is needed is a solution that supports the day-to-day purchasing process in a way that ensures compliance with organisational sourcing and authorisation rules while at the same time making it as easy as possible for employees to buy goods and services.
PROACTIS manages the complete buying cycle, from expression of need to approval of payment, in a consistent and fully transparent process. Capabilities include:
  • Multi-source requisition – PROACTIS enables a seamless search across the multiple sources available for that user to compare and choose items to request
  • Corporate compliance – PROACTIS provides a set of tools to capture authorisation rules, business processes, and purchasing and accounting rules that may be applied to any new purchasing request
  • Planned procurement – Users define a project against which to purchase, or a plan for procurement and submit it for approval
  • Invoice matching and troubleshooting – Automatic receipting ensures streamlining and control plus 3-way matching and workflow to support all types of goods and services
  • Automated payment release – Auto-generation of payment release streamlines supplier payments
  • Items and catalogues – PROACTIS provides a range of tools to maintain catalogues of generic and supplier-specific items. This includes in-house catalogues, supplier catalogue import, or punch-out to supplier websites
  • Spend visibility – Visibility of spend from transaction through to summary analysis makes PROACTIS an invaluable management tool to support executive and departmental decision-making.
And much more…
PROACTIS applications are all designed to be agnostic to surrounding Financial and ERP systems, whether they are in-house developed or packaged applications.
PROACTIS also provides an integration framework to streamline and automate inter-system transactions and to leverage the value of your existing IT investments.
To learn more about PROACTIS purchase-to-pay solutions (plus our integrated suite of procurement solutions which help to automate upstream sourcing, supplier enablement and integration, contract management, and SRM processes) download the PROACTIS solutions overview brochure or visit
Millions of people in hundreds of organisations around the world use PROACTIS Spend Control and eProcurement solutions every day. Organisations range from Fortune100 companies, central government agencies, and national associations; to mid-sized companies in just about every industry, a variety of local governments and authorities; and charities focused on many different causes.
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