PROACTIS as an Agent of Change

Charlotte Sutton
Charlotte Sutton,
Some of the 350+ organisations using PROACTIS today came to us looking for specific software or cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions with specific functional requirements in hand.  But more often, they initially came to us looking for “tools that would help them institute change.”

When we meet financial and procurement executives at industry conference and events, they usually say things like “I know we’re buying things we don’t need and spending more than necessary on what we do buy, but I just don’t have a practical framework to change that behaviour.”  Or “Our management recognizes individual problems like an expensive AP operation, too little visibility of purchase commitments, too many different suppliers for the same products, and things like that, but I’m having a hard time getting them to see the big picture of how all these problems relate to each other.”


Some of those people we never see again after a friendly chat over a cup of coffee in a hotel lobby.  But many of those conversations evolve step by step into a discussion about what we do and how we might be able to help them help their organization make meaningful improvements that really improve financial and competitive performance.  The people with whom we have those kinds of conversations often become customers.  Not just because we have the best spend control and e-procurement solutions around (which we do of course!), but because of that plus the fact that those people are people who have a real drive to improve things for their companies.  Successful spend control initiatives are almost always achieved when a person with a vision finds the toolset that enables them to spread that vision through their organization, and that provides a flexible, but also concrete, framework to support that vision.


The PROACTIS solution suite is much more than just software.  PROACTIS is a tool finance and procurement executives can use to dramatically improve the way their entire organization operates by instituting proven best practices, streamlining business processes, and improving operational controls. 

For instance:

  • It enables a cultural change that allows employees across the organization to buy the goods and services they need on a routine basis, but always within proper organizational policies and procedures.   
  • It provides functional managers at all levels of the organization with the ability to make better decisions because they have immediate access to information related to purchase requests, budgets, commitments, and the entire ‘cost pipeline’. 
  • It dramatically streamlines the Accounts Payable function while providing better control of payments. 
  • It enables the Procurement function to structure and streamline many of its daily activities, freeing more time to focus on finding premier suppliers, negotiating best value agreements, and maintaining good long-term supplier relationships.  
  • It enables strategic changes like geographically dispersed spend category teams and ‘centers of excellence’
  • It provides more information for spend analysis, enabling important  initiatives such as supplier consolidation and national or global contracts.
  • And it can do much, much more...

Once the managers and executives we first meet understand the breadth of the PROACTIS suite, many of them ask us to come into their organizations for the simple purpose of showing other managers what a complete spend control solution looks like, what it entails, and how it all fits together.  Few try to tackle everything at once, but gaining a common understanding of the full picture makes it a lot easier to address the most critical needs in a step-by-step manner.


Many start with the basic purchase-to-pay process; others with strategic procurement; others with supplier management – or what we more broadly call supplier engagement.  But in nearly every case, someone in the organization is using PROACTIS an agent of change. They recognize that, used to its fullest advantage, PROACTIS can help their organization go beyond just automating the way things are done today to establish new, better processes that significantly improve organizational performance and bottom line results.  


If you are looking for a way to lead your organization toward a more effective approach to spend control, start by downloading our PROACTIS Solution Overview.  Use it along with our many white papers, our “15 minute health check” series, and our diverse case studies to stimulate discussion within your organization.  We would be happy to help as we have with many organizations much like yours.

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