Overcoming Barriers to Innovation Deployment in Large Enterprises and Government

Charlotte Sutton
Charlotte Sutton,
John Riley, co-founder at Innovation Initiative UK and ex-Managing Editor at Computer Weekly has just started a blog with ComputerWorldUK that highlights examples of how innovators have successfully overcome the many generic barriers to innovation deployment in large enterprises and government ( 
Great topic John and very timely. For example...
It is well publicised that Government procurement directives for greater transparency and competition is making it a much longer and more expensive process for SMEs to bid – to the point where many won’t (or can’t) take the risk. Tackling the ‘tier one’ mentality is admirable, however unless there is an overhaul in policy there will, in many cases, need to be an overhaul to the underlying procurement systems so that ‘more can be done for less’. Complex tendering policy and processes, extended to more SMEs and the impact on supplier on-boarding effort and assessment of supplier risk, places significant strain on the purse to administer without the necessary tools. Whilst many departments are making progress when it comes to automation and collaboration, there are still far too many ‘tick-in-the box’ initiatives that hinder a step-change in transformation. Remember the Gershon Efficiency Review findings from many years ago – how many government departments can claim to trade electronically with suppliers today? It’s time for Finance and Procurement to step-up, be brave and push through innovation and change that in previous climates was thought inappropriate. The situation presents an opportunity for reflection, innovation and major system transformation.

Let’s just hope that in tackling the processes required to support the SME issue, Government’s procurement of its very own eProcurement isn’t constrained by monolithic and never-ending ERP-style projects, ‘silver-bullet’ initiatives that continue to claim the headlines but fail to deliver, or a return to the ‘tier one’ outsourcing mentality of the 1980s …!!
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