Buyers: Watch Out eProcurement "Newbies" About!

Charlotte Sutton
Charlotte Sutton,
Demand for eProcurement continues as organisations increasingly view the Spend Control aspects of their business much more strategically. Consequently, there has been a rise of new entrants wanting a piece of the action. As the market heats up, so too are vendor sales tactics.
Enterprise buyers must tread carefully in their due diligence, especially early on in the project so as not to waste time, effort or resources. In particular, watch out for:
  • Client lists that are boosted by registrants from online, free trials 
  • Sales demonstrations that avoid complex spend and workflow processes
  • Marketing gimmicks such as "introductory rates" or "free" basic service with a later upgrade to a "premium" service
  • ROI guarantees that do not factor into account the client's unique circumstances (or get monitored) 
  • Loss-leading pricing that is designed to buy market share and establish the organisation as an acquisition target
  • References in industry reports that have been paid for by the vendor
If vendor claims are dubious then what of the solution? Equally, if the commercial proposition sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Look for "tried and tested" organisations, like PROACTIS, that have solutions built from extensive real world experience using today's most advanced and reliable technologies to support your critical spend control processes.
  • Fully internationalised to support global business
  • Proven integration with existing systems for streamlined processes
  • Microsoft technology for a reliable, scalable industry-standard platform
  • Intuitive design to drive broad adoption 
  • Deployment options to fit any organisation and business model
  • Easy system administration to reduce total cost of ownership
  • Flexible licensing to deliver affordable world-class solutions for any need and size of organisation
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