Spend Control “Health Check” for Finance & Procurement Executives

Charlotte Sutton
Charlotte Sutton,
PROACTIS today launched a new campaign featuring a series of "Health Check" guides that help Finance & Procurement executives to assess their ability to identify, capture, and control expenditure on goods and services.
The purpose of the campaign is very simple - to help senior Financial and Procurement executives quickly zero in on the key results of their spend control process, identify problems and drill own to the likely causes of those problems.

The campaign has been launched at a time when spend control represents one of the strongest growth opportunities for organisations due to the macro-economic challenges and the need for increased margins and operating control through cost containment.

About the Campaign
The campaign consists of a series of free "15 Minute Health Check" guides that enable executives to quickly perform a focused, high-level "health check" of their organisation's spend control processes, including:
  • Purchasing
  • Accounts Payable
  • Supplier Engagement
  • Sourcing & Tendering
  • Contract Management
These guides help executives to identify the areas that warrant further investigation, and to provide them with a framework to discuss the issues with the right people in their organisation.
As part of this campaign PROACTIS has set up a special website for Finance and Procurement executives interested in spend control and cost containment:

Supporting Quote
Simon Dadswell, Director of Marketing, PROACTIS: "Executives often wonder how well their organisation is performing in key areas but can't afford the time or expense of a full-scale analysis or benchmarking exercise. Even when a substantial initiative is being contemplated, an initial "rough cut" assessment is often the right starting point before investigating significant.
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