PROACTIS Keynote - "Spend Control & Cloud eProcurement: How to Achieve Rapid ROI"

Charlotte Sutton
Charlotte Sutton,
The events of the global financial credit crisis have had a ripple effect on the economy and thrust Spend Control - and the need to gain greater visibility and control over cash management and the financial supply chain - to the forefront of corporate strategy.
PROACTIS will be hosting the keynote session at eWorld Purchasing & Supply in September 2011. "Spend Control & Cloud eProcurement: How to Achieve Rapid ROI" will discuss the steps that best-in-class companies are taking to streamline and accelerate Finance and Procurement processes, reduce operating costs, manage risk, and ensure compliance while improving visibility, control, and efficiency, and providing a foundation for increased profits. 
Joe Taylor, Head of Solutions at PROACTIS, will explore the most important issues Finance and Procurement organisations are addressing to manage performance, and share real-life case studies on how to create an effective business case for Spend Control and eProcurement.
Session topics include how to:
  • Lay the foundation of procurement effectiveness by obtaining greater visibility and control of spend
  • Focus on the purchasing process to eliminate off-contract and “maverick spend"
  • Optimise the strategic sourcing process to maximise cost savings 
  • Invest in SRM processes to build a supply base that delivers competitive pricing and performance 
  •  Eliminate the daily activity and paperwork in AP that does not add value
Keynote session: 11:05am, 21 September 2011, QEII Conference Centre, Central London
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