Before beginning your "assessment", let's outline the scope of what is being covered in this area. For the purposes of this exercise, we are defining the Sourcing & Tendering Process as follows:
The process of soliciting, evaluating, and selecting suppliers using any form of competitive bidding process.
  • Methods used may include supplier questionnaires (e.g. RFI), formal bids (e.g. RFQ or RFP), regulated public posting (e.g. OJEU), reverse auctions, etc.
  • The process may or may not be run by the Procurement department
  • The goal is to obtain the right product or service with the best combination of price, quality and service; the lowest total cost of ownership; and the least supplier risk

Business process:
  • Collection of requirements and other selection criteria (usually among end users, subject matter experts, Procurement, and others)
  • Development of a supplier questionnaire or RFx document
  • Development of a list of suppliers to invite to bid
  • Publishing of the solicitation
  • Supplier response acceptance
  • Evaluation of responses and selection of the supplier
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