Spend Control: Assessment Toolkit

The PROACTIS Spend Control Assessment Toolkit has been developed to help Finance and Procurement executives identify how well their organisation is performing in key areas.

Using the structured assessment toolkit you can:

Break down each of the key areas required for effective Spend Control into the management issues and activities that are most important:
  • Evaluate your organisation on a spectrum of maturity levels for each issue or activity
  • Determine your overall level of development per function
  • Identify the key issues you are currently experiencing based on your level of development
  • Review the key elements of the process and indicate how well your organisation is performing

Based on that assessment, you will then:

  • Better visualise how these areas all work together for effective Spend Control
  • Know where you should put your focus on the biggest and fastest results
  • Have the basics for developing the business case for your Spend Control initiative

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The toolkit covers all of the major elements of the procurement and purchase-to-pay process, including:


Supplier Management Sourcing Contract Management Catalogue Management


Purchasing Invoice Processing