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eInvoicing Efficiency & Savings Guide

This guide looks at how electronic invoicing is living up to the promise of substantial savings, with case studies from commercial and public sector organisations.
eInvoicing Efficiency & Savings Guide

When it comes to big claims over eInvoicing, many organisations are asking ‘show me the savings’... Claims can look good, but what’s the reality?
For some organisations, substantial savings may seem beyond reach. The prospect of connecting their systems and users easily and securely to thousands of disparate suppliers, while meeting legal obligations, raises a host of complex challenges. But other organisations are already on the path to achieving these dramatic savings.
This guide shows it is possible to achieve cashable efficiency savings through:

  • Early successes that build momentum and lead to rapid ROI (return on investment)
  • Overcoming complexity in handling all types of invoices from a wide range of suppliers with different technical abilities
  • Becoming more agile to meet fast-changing business needs, through continual innovation.
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