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Procurement Automation 2018: Key Trends & Hot Topics

This paper looks at the key trends and growing topics of discussion that are facing Finance and Procurement professionals.
Procurement Automation 2018: Key Trends & Hot Topics
These are not the macroeconomic trends you'll hear from the large consulting companies, nor are they the 'who's going to buy who' predictions from the technology analysts.

These are the top 10 trends that PROACTIS is seeing and hearing in our customer base, and in the companies we're out there talking with every day. 
  1. The Rise of Procurement 2.0
  2. End-to-End Procurement - Plugging the Gaps
  3. A Growing Focus on Supplier Collaboration
  4. A Stronger Requirement for Buyers to be 'Easy to do Business With'
  5. Cloud-Based Procurement is Here to Stay - and for Good Reason
  6. Blurring the Line Between Software and Services
  7. A CPO Mantra: Think Strategically, Act Tactically
  8. A Growing Recognition of the True Cost of 'Shelfware'
  9. A Better Understanding of the Limitations of "Simple Self-Service Shopping"
  10. The Importance and Value of Integration
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