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Health Check: Supplier Engagement

How do you take the cost out of supplier engagement?
Health Check: Supplier Engagement
Executives often wonder how well their organisation is performing in key areas, but can't always afford the time or expense of a full-scale analysis or benchmarking exercise. Even when a substantial initiative is being contemplated, an initial "rough cut" assessment is often the right starting point before investing significant resources.

This guide looks at the Supplier Engagement process, as follows:

In order of overall volume of activity, this includes:

Exchange of order-related transactions:
  • Sending purchase orders
  • Receiving invoices
  • Responding to supplier enquiries about invoice and payment status

Requesting, receiving, and maintaining information to support purchasing activity, including:
  • Supplier catalogue, product, service, and pricing updates.

Exchange of documents as part of the sourcing and supplier management process, including:
  • Sending questionnaires and other requests for information
  • Receiving and processing supplier profiles and profile updates
  • Sending Requests for Proposal or Quote (RFx documents)
  • Receiving and processing submitted proposals and quotes
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