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Health Check: Purchasing

How do you gain control of the purchasing process?
Health Check: Purchasing
Executives often wonder how well their organisation is performing in key areas, but can't always afford the time or expense of a full-scale analysis or benchmarking exercise. Even when a substantial initiative is being contemplated, an initial "rough cut" assessment is often the right starting point before investing significant resources.

This guides looks at the Purchasing Process - from employee purchase request or requisition, through authorisation (or denial), as follows: The purchasing of indirect goods and services – everything your organisation purchases to support operating the business, not including raw materials or products purchased in high volume for manufacturing or resale:
  • Routine commodity items such as office or maintenance supplies
  • More technical items such as computer equipment or software where an expert buyer may be involved in addition to the employee who needs the item.
  • Capital items and specialised services (note: normally, the full process for these items will also include processes covered by Sourcing and Supplier Engagement Health Check Guides)
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